Friday, September 9, 2011

Translation Services in the Military

The United States military largely depends on information gathered from foreign newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts and much more. All of these sources are in foreign languages and therefore will need foreign language translation services to determine if there is any useful and important information.

In the time of war, it is especially crucial to have translators that also have basic field training so they can be on the front lines working with the soldiers. With the situation that America is in right now with Afghanistan and Iraq, the need for translators that know several different Middle Eastern languages and dialects is extremely high. However, these war time jobs can be a risky career since you can be exposed to the dangers of the front line of battle. There are more than two thousand Arab Americans that are employed by the US military to work in Iraq as translators. These translators are constantly at risk because they are viewed as traitors to the insurgents in Iraq.

Despite the dangers, it doesn't take away from the fact that translation services are extremely important to the military. However, being able to get reliable translations is also important in many different aspects of life, such as in business and trades. Without quality translations, it would be extremely difficult to communicate accurately between business partners, or trade associates. So not only do translators help our military but they also provide valuable services that benefit the entire global business market.

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