Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Timing is Everything

Recently Confluent Translations received several short notice onsite interpreting requests. Luckily, in most instances resources were available and we were able to supply the appropriate people. However, qualified interpreters are hard to come by on short notice especially if it is a rare language or if travel is involved. This can affect the ability to schedule an interpreter and can also increase the cost of interpreting. Contacting a language service provider (LSP) with as much lead time as possible is essential to secure the proper resource.

Translators and interpreters are contract positions. Their acceptance, and in turn, the ability to provide resources, is based on whether or not the linguists have other assignments already scheduled at that time. Not leaving enough lead time can put LSPs in a position where the most qualified and experienced interpreters are already committed to other projects and are therefore unavailable.

As soon as you think you might need an interpreter for your event, please contact your LSP so they can start the process. It also helps to be able to provide them with any and all information about the event such as:

  • What are the dates of the event?
  • What languages are required? (From what country or countries are the visitors coming?)
  • Will interpreters require any industry or technical expertise or experience?
  • What is the number of interpreters that may be required?
  • Where will the interpreting take place and is travel involved?
  • Will any interpreting equipment, such as headsets or transmitters, for the interpreters and participants be needed? If so how many? Will the facility supply these?
  • Are any video or audio conferencing services needed?
  • How long will interpreters be needed?
As Confluent Translations celebrates our 20th anniversary, we want to use our experience in the industry to help our clients have the most productive and seamless event possible. When it requires the need to schedule interpreters…timing, as they say, is everything.